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The platform for full employment and world peace

I am the poet inspired in the ocean wilderness
40 days and 40 nights
given a work of prophetic art,
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
hand lettered, in double columns, to perform
on Whirled Wide Television
for all the worlds' peoples at once,

Words, world orders and word hors d’oeuvres
A new word order.

World Peace is going to take hold on our good ship Mother Earth
Beginning with a sing-you-learn peaceful
whirled wide TV night!

I seek the nomination of both poltical parties
So we present a united face to the world!

Do not fill in a box for more political gridlock
skip their lesser of two evils plot
use the write-in slot
Every state has one
vote LEV vote
Michael S. Levinson for President!

In Florida Administrative Rule 1S-2.027 states
“(d) If a voter abbreviates, misspells or varies the form of the name of a candidate
in the write-in candidate space,
it shall not affect the determination of whether the voter has made a definite choice.” ”

Vote LEV!
We are one TV Show away from World Peace.

Judge the Poet Peacemaker
the inspired world class poet
your choice for President.
Lev should be nominated by both political parties

Play the video

This tape begins with Adman and Even,
shows one prophetic passage from the Television Scripture,
then a full explanantion of the Lev Mortgage Program where every house is saved;
then the Clipper Ship Building Jobs Program,
every home an energy incubator, the Lev Health Care package, and more.

I speak we win.

Beneath the check-off boxes for the printed names on your paper ballot there’s a place
for you to vote for who you want.

November 6, 2016 Write-in
Michael S Levinson
LEV is the three letter nickname that
as a write-in vote for
Michael S Levinson
only in Florida.
Everywhere else you must
Michael S Levinson
Practice write now!
Write Lev name in full three times right this
Lets do wit. With pen and paper
We can break the two party lock on our national politics. Write-in
Michael S Levinson
for US President!

Michael S Levinson.

Every general election ballot has a slot to write me in your choice.

The 12 minute video above was recorded audio aired and video on WMNF 88.5 FM website.
Deciding for Lev? Grab a pen practice write my full name Michael Levinson three times and you are good to go.

email the candidate

I explain my Health Care plan to cover 41 million people
without bureaucracy or website.
My Flood Insurance FEMA reform was plagiarized by a Florida candidate for Congress.
My Mortgage program is worthy of a Nobel Prize for economics.
With my Gulf of Mexico oil for peace plan,
we cancel BP’s oil leases. They can pump at cost plus.
We use our oil money to clean the Gulf, pay all residential real estate taxes nationwide,
fund free college for all who qualify.
Include my Clipper Ship Building program
online for years, adapted by the Rolls Royce Company. (See Bloomberg News link below).


Find on this page doable innovative solutions
for every issue facing our nation.

I bring to our political table more than my
Television Scripture
to perform, like old blind Homer,
dusk until dawn,
on worldwide Radio and TV
rivaling Dante, of Divine Comedic fame.

Scroll down to the full cover of “New World Hors D’oeuvres,”
the Lev prophetic satire of current events.
Click for your own free copy.
Along the way see my Fresh Revenue Streams to improve our lives.

Bookmark this page and return, grow and learn, absorb my political plan,
all the reasons why to write in Michael S Levinson instead of checking a box.

Stop right here to see and hear my inspired retelling of your creation.
Frum The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
Adman and Even in Gar Den ov Edum

The White House is my stepping stone to deliver World Peace

I bring to the political table innovative economic growth plans.

Fresh Revenue Streams

Mortgage Reform
Worthy of a Nobel Prize!
Uncle Sam Shazam Credit Card
doubles the credit worthiness of our whole country
the Shazam spread,
will draw down all our public debt!
Lev Health Care Plan!
Every Dr. and Dentist will endorse it.


Lev Mortgage Program
saves every house, pays off the banks, lowers every mortgage payment,
wipes Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac slates clean
while drawing down our National Debt!

Judge for yourselves
Lev Mortgage Program qualifies for a Nobel Prize.


Uncle Sam Shazam

doubles the credit worthiness of our whole country,
from the bottom up.

The essay, Uncle Sam Shazam, is high tonic prose
Uncle Sam Shazam could be typeset as a poem.

Here's the Uncle Sam Shazam Lev Deal:
We issue 2% Shazam Savings Bonds
to pay off everyone's credit card debt,
moving the debt to Uncle Sam Shazam cards
interest rate 7% to 12%.

Deep ending on your cred
the spread between 2% Shazam bonds
and the interest on your Shazam cred card
is applied to further drawing down our national debt!

Soon enough we won’t have a national debt sucking up our wealth.

The card companies will have millions of reliable customers
with clean cards burning holes in their pockets.

New companies will form / business will begin to boom.
The poverty line poor with Social Security
will have a $500 line backed by their monthly sinecure.


Every Dr. and Dentist will endorse this non-partisan solution!

Our nation has huge medical access prob limbs.
The Affordable Insurance Act of Congress cannot get off the ground.
States won't cooperate.
Here is a non-partisan solution.
Lev Health Care is exactly what we should do. Lev Health Care!
Half the projected cost of Obama's Scare
Lev Health Care
Insurance and government bureaucracy out of the mix.
Lev Health Care
The whole USA covered in six weeks! Lev Health Care
Read condensed version below!

Lev Care is the plan Barack Obama is looking for.
The Lev Med Program covers all of USA
within six weeks without bureaucracy or a website.

Here is the vastly condensed version of Lev Health Care plan.

Upon my arrival, after being sworn in as President
I’m presenting my common sense plan to both Houses of Congress at once
in a show stopping major nationwide speech!

The loose pennies in our pockets
makes universal access to health care happen!

We, the people agree to a VOLUNTARY gratuity two cents per item
tip for the help on every individual item
we purchase in all the fast food restaurants,
every supermarket, every drug store chain, Walmart, Kmart and Target.
Upon burger, fries and drink, the cashier asks, “Is the gratuity OK?”
You answer, “Yes,” and an extra six cents are included on the tab.
15 items in a supermarket = thirty cents.
Your supermarket bill could total $45 dollars.
Even a coupon fanatic will grant,
a 30 cent gratuity-tip for the lower echelon workers’ health care cannot hurt.
With our pennies out of pocket all have skin in the game, regardless who you are.

At the end of the week the pennies are divided
according to the hours worked and go into a
Medical Assurance Savings Account.
11 million uninsured workers shall have at least $40 gratuity dollars a week
for Medical Assurance on a debit card
for use at a Dr.’s or dentist’s office.
The card holder can use the card for other family members, too.
Upon our loose pennies
25 million people will have access to medical care.
$5 a week shall be set aside for
Catastrophic illness Pool.

At the end of six weeks
there will be $360 Million Dollars in the
Catastrophic Illness Pool!
At the end of the first year
more than three billion dollars will be in the pool.
Whatever cannot be cured by a visit to the Dr.’s office qualifies as catastrophic.

One line change in the tax code:
Dr.’s can do $50,000 in charity,
deduct the 50K off the top of their income tax—
then take an additional 25K off the bottom line.
Dr.’s and dentist’s goal:
Freedom of Income Tax.
From this one line change in the tax code
At least another ten million people are covered for health care.

The tax loss is off set by Emergency Rooms only for Emergency
as every Dr will have a neon sign in the window, or outside.
“Walk ins welcome. No Insurance? We are here.
There is more.
Free medical education for Dr.’s, dentists, nurses and all related personal.
Nothing is free.
A Dr. or dentist will have 40 interest free years to pay back for the education
and be able to work off the 40 year loan doing Medicaid.
With Freedom of Income Tax also a realizable goal
there will be plenty enough Dr.’s to go around.

Read the full essay to see every issue is covered, without bureaucracy or a website.

A question is when you quest your chin and take it all in. Ask.

Project Vote Smart Lev Q. and A.

email the candidate

The Flood Insurance Answer!

We replace private flood insurance
with a single payer nationwide solution:

Climate Calamity Insurance
A simple Act of Congress assessing every house $30 monthly for calamity insurance
Is acceptable.
Calamity Insurance will cover all flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and more.
With global warming
Climate Calamity can happen anywhere!
Tornadoes are comiing to Maine.
$30 per month per house will immediately begin piling up billions of bucks.
This will cover residences.
FEMA’s focus can be on public infrastructures.
The FEMA bureaucracy should be done away with,
FEMA bucks left in the Treasury.
When Calamity strikes
The Governor declares a State of Emergency
first responders come out
the governor gets Emergency money from the Treasury
for repairing roads, sewers, the grid, etc.
Eliminate FEMA's bureaucracy and the jobs get done.
The required $30 per month National Climate Calamity Insurance
covers all private homes and businesses,
$30 bucks a month per every household does it!
FEMA money, without FEMA bureaucracy shall repair the grid.

Is The National Security Issue

We need to nationalize our Gulf oil fields.

The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill
Foretold explicitly in The Book ov Lev It A Kiss c. 1971
(Click on line above to see the propetic passage).
Blew out oil at 6000 pounds per square inch pressure
B-ritish P-etrolium
tapped into the deep sea oil,
all the Gulf oil drillers were after.
The seam of oil
beneath our deepest seas
that runs the girth of good ship Mother Earth!
There is as much oil in that Gulf of Mexico seam
as all the oil pumped the last 70 years in Saudi Arabia
with a couple hundred more years to go.

As long as the Saudis nationalized their oil wells,
why can't we nationalize ours?
Every country runs their own oil except U.S.A.
A simple lease cancellation and nationalization is a done deal.
Then we are the world's largest oil producer.
We decide who we are selling our oil to, and for how much ducats, not Amoco or BP.


Then we tell Iran: develop nuclear
and USA will
undersell our oil to all your customers.

Iran will not be able to sell a single barrel of oil.
We explain the cost of continuing to develop nuclear
is to be
put out of the oil business.
Expect riots as Iran cannot even purchase food without oil revenue.

National Security
is the issue.
I am going to
state the case for
Gulf of Mexico oil nationalization
to all the American people.
The Fresh Revenue Stream shall
repair the ecological damage to our Gulf of Mexico,
eliminate all real estate taxes,
eliminate income taxes on hourly wages, eliminate our national debt, and more.

Every Florida House an Energy Incubator

Florida First!

Every Florida house—houses everywhere where the sun shines—can be reroofed with solar voltaic shingles,
a passive panal running the roof line to heat water hot
and a pair of residential wind turbines, one at each sidewall
generating electricity 24 hours a day whether you are home, at work or play.
The utiity can underwrite the incubator loans.
The payment can be geared to the energy saved off the utility bill.

Duke Energy, short sighted, will be opposed to our saving money.
We, the people, by virtue of our government
shall purchase all Duke Energy stock and turn Duke Energy
And all our utilities nationwide
Into cooperatives similar to our Federal Credit Unions.
Our utility will be owned by we, the users.
Upon that we will all save tons of money.
Duke’s 8 million dollar a year CEO will be collecting unemployment.
The Lev energy incubator program will also
generate thousands of long term Florida jobs.

Break the two party lock on our national politics!

Click for full array of Lev Campaign gear.


Clipper ship building
50,000 Florida jobs!

Read below.

Click on the ship to sea
Lev Deal clipper ship building jobs plan

Clipper ship building

Four million long term jobs building 10,000 hybrid clipper ships
that insure U.S. is the world's economic leader.

Click on the images above and see the article in Bloomberg Business Week
about Rolls Royce in England developing Lev clipper ship building idea
With rotational masts to catch every gust but Rolls doesn't have solar voltaic sails.
I have been preaching this idea we build
Hybrid clipper ships wherever there is water and people need work
since my first presidential write-in campaign in 1980
I talked up my clipper ship idea in New Hampshire primary on NHPTV in 1988
Also in numerous 1500 character comments in The New York Slimes this past election.

Detroit could become a major hybrid clipper ship building port.

A question is when you quest your chin and take it all in. Ask.

Project Vote Smart Lev Q. and A.

email the candidate

An essay
Circa 1999-2000 about hemp and (gasp) marijuana
50,000 shops more than a half million jobs

Read marijuana Executive Order circa 2000.

Click on Bloomberg News graphic:

Medical Marijuana to Treat Diabetes, Epilepsy, and More

Medical Marijuana to Treat Diabetes, Epilepsy, and More

Marijuana is a variety of cannabis plant also known as hemp.

Medical marijuana is important.


for all the world’s paper, plastics, cardboard, clothing, food and lotions
will trap the billions of extra Co2 tons in our atmoesphere.
Good Ship Mother Earth

Yes 4 Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) has been a valuable commodity
throughout the history of man.
Far more important than the intoxicant aspect of cannabis flowers,
commonly called by the Mexican slang term Marijuana
is the full economic synergy harvested with every legal cannabis plant.

View Short Video

An acre of hemp produces as much paper pulp
as 4 acres of old growth forest.
Hemp fibers are being used in Europe
as a lower cost stronger
lightweight safer substitute
for fiberglass and carbon fiber.
Hemp is better for car's and truck's body panels.
Hemp seed oil is a biodiesel,
first fuel ever used by Henry Ford.
Hemp produces 40% more ethanol per acre than corn.
Hemp grows on marginal lands.
Pesticides and fertilizers are KNOT! required.

Growing hemp actually improves soil conditions.
Rotated properly,
hemp can add millions of acres of marginal farmlands
into food production.
Hemp makes very good quality paper and cloth,
more than twice the usable fiber for textiles as cotton.
Cotton consumes most of the pesticides and fertilizers used in America,
only slightly less than corn and soy.
We can move away from foreign petrochemical dependence
when we end this unrealistic prohibition on a plant
that has throughout the history of man
been one of our most valuable commodities.

Every part of the plant is useful.
The stalk produces a long strong fiber for cordage and textiles.
The branches and leaves are excellent
high cellulose biomass for energy production.
Hemp seeds are as close as you can get to a perfect sustenance food
with highly digestible simple proteins
and a perfect balance of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids
which makes hemp seed oil even healthier than extra virgin olive oil
or hemp can be used as biodiesel.
Learn more by watching the Story of Jack Herer the unlikely Emperor of Hemp.

Industrial Hemp Means Thousands of Jobs!

Were we planting industrial hemp on just 6% of American lands
we could regenerate our industrial base,
create 100% of our energy needs here in local factories
employing millions of Americans
producing advanced biofuels,
biomass electrical energy,
hemp cordage and textiles,
hemp fiber building materials, hemp paper and card stock,
hempcrete and hemp biodegradable plastics,
only a few of the 25,000 goods we can make from hemp.
We don't need to use anywhere near the barrels of petroleum we currently consume.
As hemp grows it sequesters carbon out of the atmosphere
and releases it back when the hemp is burnt.
We can trap the hemp squestered carbon
in paper, plastic, cardboard and cloth.
Petroleum carbon was sequestered millions of years ago.
When it is burnt
the petroleum carbon is also released into our environment.
Using hemp to replace wood for paper and building materials would
significantly reduce deforestation
and reduce green house gases in our atmosphere.
Yes, Jack Herer was right, Cannabis can save the world.

We don't need one more drop of stinking fossil fuels.
Heep seed oil is an excellent biodiesel.
Hemp produces far less harmful pollution,
80% less carbon dioxide close to zero sulfur emissions.
Hemp produces 40% more ethanol than corn per acre.
Hemp grows in marginal soils actually improving soil quality
especially when planted as rotation crop.
Hemp requires near zero fertilizer,
zero pesticides compared to corn.
Corn is our top consumer of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Industrial hemp grows quickly,
matures in as little as 100 days
produces a cash crop three times a year,
enough biomass to produce all our surface transportation fuels
all our electrical generation needs
with far less pollution;
with industry creating additional beneficial byproducts.
The University of Missouri estimates
an average-size metropolitan area production
of 100 million gallons of biodiesel fuel could generate
$8.34 million in personal income and 6000 temporary and permanent jobs.

Hemp Facts

Until 1883, 75-90% of all our paper was made with hemp.
Hemp seed was the # 1-selling bird feed;
4 million pounds were sold in the U.S. in 1937.
In the mid-to-late 1800's the 2nd & 3rd most commonly used medications
were concentrated cannabis extracts
and resins also known as hashish.
A bridge in the south of France dated at 500-700 A.D.
was built with a mixture of hemp.
In 1941 Henry Ford built a car with a plastic
made from hemp and wheat straw.
Until 1937 70-90% of all rope and twine was made with hemp.
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their plantations.
In 1850 the U.S. Census reported 8,327 hemp plantations
of at least 2000 acres in size.
Not counted were thousands of smaller crops.
The original Levi Strauss jeans were made from hemp.
In 1942 the U.S. government
strongly encouraged hemp cultivation to help with the war effort,
going so far as to produce a film entitled ??Hemp For Victory??.
The version of the Declaration of Independence released on July 4, 1776 was written on hemp.

The entire hemp plant is useful.
Hemp can replace the deforestation of our nation.
Hemp is better than wood pulp
to create paper and building materials.
Hemp produces better quality paper than wood pulp.
Hemp can be combined into recycled wood pulp
to increase the strength and durability of new paper products.
The long strong hemp fiber
can be pressed into fiberboard and studs
for construction materials that are heat, mildew, pest, light, and rot resistant.
Termites will not eat durable hemp fibers.
One acre of hemp produces 4 times the usable paper pulp
than an acre of old growth forest
which takes 50 to 100 times longer to replenish.
Hemp produces twice the usable fiber than cotton per acre.
Textiles made with hemp last longer are lighter in weight and warmer than cotton.
Hemp seeds contain natures perfect balance of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids,
complex proteins needed by our bodies,
making hemp seeds the closest to a perfect sustenance food source.
Hemp seed oil has a lite nutty flavor,
an even healthier cooking choice than extra virgin olive oil.
Hemp seed oil also produces excellent and healthy soaps, cosmetics, shampoos and lotions.
There are many of these products already available in Americans stores
but they are
now mostly imported from Europe and Canada
which do not have ridiculous laws
prohibiting growing this most valuable commodity.

Textiles produced with hemp fiber
are even softer, stronger, last longer
and are more absorbent than cotton.
Cotton production uses only slightly less chemical fertilizers and pesticides
than the top consumers which are corn and soy.
Hemp produces twice the usable fiber per acre than cotton
without the chemicals.
A fine linen like cloth can easily be made with hemp fiber
that wears
3 times as long as cotton with the feel of cotton fleece.
Hemp, like flax (linen) is one of the best fibers.
When weaving with hemp yarns, you can treat it like a linen yarn.
It improves and softens with age.
Hemp is also mildew resistant, making it an excellent yarn for towels,
also bath linens and carpet
as well as in fine table linens and clothing.
As a nation we should give it a try.
Were our congress actually serious about job creation in the private sector
they would remove the arcane barriers to production of this most valuable commodity
which would also contribute to ending our dependence to foreign oil.

Hemp belongs on the table nationwide
Before my first day as President!

November 2016 Write-in
Michael Levinson,
a legal write-in vote for Michael Levinson
Breaks the unconstitutionL two party lock on our politics!

Had our nation seen this 13 minute video below;
had you heard my Lev Health Care Assurance
that will cost less than half of Obama’s Care
and covers our whole country
in six week’s time, without a website or bureaucracy
only a one line change in the tax code;
Uncle Sam Shazam
a giant money-making fresh revenue stream for the betterment of our country
that eliminates public debt,
I might've been elected president in 2012!

This next video is a mini-masterpiece of spontaneous speech.
The camera person was / is an anti-Levinson person.
That is why two black bars top and bottom and the distance from camera to poet
to diminish the contents.
The anti-Lev person ripped me off for hundreds of dollars and refused to hand over broadcast quality tape.
So I bought my own camera.
All my other videos are single handed selfie productions.

This tape begins with Adman and Even,
shows one prophetic passage from the Television Scripture,
then a full explanantion of the Lev Mortgage Program where every house is saved;
then the Clipper Ship Building Jobs Program,
every home an energy incubator, the Lev Health Care package, and more.
One spontaneous must-see masterpiece.

I speak we win.

As president, via press conference every day I’m delivering a doable idea.
Every day the people’s House is in session I’m presenting a plan
to both Congress and the nation.

My presence as an impeccable independent will move the House!

Either the Members vote for my non-partisan legislation
especially Lev-Med Care, Mortgage Reform and Uncle Sam Shazam
or they’ll be throne out next election.

I don't like the idea of asking people to give me money.
Then you owe.
Lobbyist dollars have corrupted all of our governments
We need 435 people in the House of Representatives
who take an oath before their elections
not to allow lobbyist money to color their pubic duty.

A question is when you quest your chin and take it all in. Ask.

Project Vote Smart Lev Q. and A.

email the candidate

My deal for everyone who coughs up some bucks for my campaign.

After the election, get in touch we’ll have lunch.
In the event you are coming to D.C.
we lunch in the congressional dining room.
In the event I cannot bring guests,
we send out and luncheon in my office.
That's my dough nation deal for all Lev supporters:

These T-shirts $11.99!
Click for full array of Lev Campaign gear.

Support my son’s campaign. Upon election one free lunch.
But you have to bring his campaign card or the eats are dutch treat!
Order his shirt. I arrange you get desert!


Send my son an email
Join my son’s campaign!
Send $10 for 20 buttons 20 cards, and stuffers to
decorate your neighbor’s door.
Enlist your friends. We, the people win!

A question is when you quest your chin and take it all in. Ask.

Project Vote Smart Lev Q. and A.

email the candidate

Michael Levinson on Late Nite Broadcast Television
This video has had more than 3,000 views on YouTube.

I have raised the issue of my Television Scripture
My "spoken poem for all man kind"
lettered in double columns
to perform live whirled wide on worldwide television

the seam in the tap-a-stream
World Peace and food chain harmony
The first peaceful night in five thousand years of recorded history
on good ship Mother Earth.
All the world's peoples doing the same thing at the same time
Wa ching my Big TV Show.

The issue: Is the mull tie ling well narrative
Fun to listen to.
or a crummy string of boring stuff
bound to turn the planet off
the show a zero.
Decide for your self.

My Candidacy is Distinguished

I created a Vehicle for World Peace.
The New York Times columnist, Thomas L. Friedman,
is my choice for Deputy Secretary of State.
My world wide dusk until dawn
spoken poem for all mankind,
with every line a delicate sensible rhyme,
is going to air on all the television channels
and all of our radio channels, world wide.
Thomas L. Friedman will go around to all of the countries
not especially our friends today,
where he, Thomas L. Friedman has personal friends; and,
as Deputy Secretary of State
Tom will convince those governments to "officially" tune in to my world peace poem.

World peace begins with a peaceful night
where all the world's people participate together in
my 'mull tie ling well" poem.
(These countries not our friends today ought to be willing to let my program air
because their citizens are going to get the show
via their satellite dishes regardless).

Test drive the Vehicle for World Peace.